Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday Night "Dead" in Kensington, Brooklyn

Well folks here's another photo to prove to you that we were still years away from catching any sexually transmitted diseases in Kensington, Brooklyn. Another lonely Birthday or New Years Eve for the boys of East 4th street. How the hell did we all manage to get married or even find a date, I’ll never know. And me with that horrible pen line moustache, what’s that all about? From the left: Bobby Brennan, Me, Glen Gruder and my Cousin Pete. Both Glenn and Pete are now successful attorneys and have since gotten rid of the Afro and beard. Glenn escaped to Kings Park, Long Island and Pete to Florida, New York. Bobby Brennan is head of public relations at the Long Island Railroad and I'm still a Graphic Artist after 100 years. I sure loved my light tan “Frye” boots, I used to buy them at a place called “Tee-Pee” town on 42nd street between 6th and 5th avenue in Manhattan. A big twenty five bucks bought me a brand new pair back in 1974. Too bad they didn't sell shavers.

Ron Lopez
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