Wednesday, August 5, 2009

News from the Block

• On a sad note…

Bob Brennan, the mayor of East Fourth Street, informed me that Andrew Eagan’s sister Teresa died last week. According to Bob it was the result of complications she had after knee surgery. Teresa Eagan was only 42 years old and leaves behind a husband and a young daughter. Our condolences to Andrew and his family.

• The Rev turned 80 years old last month and he’s still out there every day polishing his Caddie until the sun goes down.

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I don’t
eat any kind of animals or fish”

Yes, I give the “Rev” credit, he’s still out there every day and hasn’t seen a doctor since the day he was discharged from the service back in the 50’s.

All I can say is “Hallelujah”

• We had our East Fourth Street block party on Saturday July 25th. The street was closed and everyone had a blast. I was wondering about the possibility of having our next reunion on the same day as the block party. This way we can play hockey without stopping for cars every five seconds.

• Glenn Gruder will be happy to know that after 90 years I finally had my garage door fixed. Not replaced, no, just fixed. I also found the hatchet that I tried to hit him with too. It was sticking out a bag of Matzo meal I have been storing in the garage since 1980.

• The other day I was skating around in front of my house and shooting pucks into our old net. You know those plastic pucks really suck on the street; they bounce around and turn sideways all the time. So I took out a Scotch 88 and the thing slid like it was on ice.
I guess a simple roll of black tape still works after all these years, even on East Fourth Street.

• Judy Spinner's house is almost all fixed up after that terrible fire back in April. Another reason why it's important to have homeowner's insurance.

• I hope everyone is getting into shape because October 3rd will be here before you know it. And that’s the first date of many “Reunion” games down at Avenue F. I myself have been practicing by having the monkeys at Prospect Park zoo throw their feces at me. And although my goalie pads and gloves smell like hell, it’s really helped me improve my reflexes.

Ron Lopez

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You never know when your gonna need somma that motzah meal, you crazy bastard, j.k. Will