Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Comment from Christine

Hi Ron--

My daughter clued me in to this blog -- what a great connection to the Brooklyn of my childhood in the 1950s!

We lived at 1442-35th Street, a little tiny strip of a street between 14th Avenue and Dahill Road. I went to kindergarten at PS 230 (Mrs. Smoller), and to some kind of summer pre-school program at PS 179 (Miss DeMayo). Went to St. Catherine of Alexandria school until fifth grade, when we "moved up in the world" to Staten Island in 1960. But Brooklyn never left me.

We used to go to the movies at the Beverly Theater, and to the ice cream parlor next door (I think it was next door...it was nearby anyway). Once in a great while we went to the Chinese restaurant, I think it was called Yom Tong Tea Garden. My father took us to the Kensington branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. We used to get Italian ices at D'Angelo's.

The picture of the old men under the el playing bocce brought me right back!

Thanks for the memories!

Christine Palladino Bridges

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