Monday, February 14, 2011

Sake on Church and East Fourth

Well, for once someone took a chance and opened up a type of restaurant that we would usually drive to Bay Ridge for when we wanted to drop some more than "Yummy Taco" dollars. And don't get me wrong, I love places like "403", and order from there quite often. But when you talk "going out to dinner" it's usually not somewhere on Church Avenue, at least on in 2011. No, that was Scrolla's, and that was about 30 years ago when we had some decent quality places.

So maybe, just maybe if this place survives and is profitable, others may look at it as some kind of "canary in a coal mine" and possibly open another quality restaurant. Because let me tell you the market for this type of venue is here and always has been here. Expect they have been going out to dinner in Bay Ridge, Park Slope or even Ditmas Park instead. Last night at Sake a line was starting to form outside, something I haven't seen since they showed "Death Wish" at the old Beverley back in 1975.

And it was nice actually walking home after "going out to dinner"
instead of driving six miles from Bay Ridge.

Sake Japanese Cuisine 324 Church Avenue,
on the southwest corner of E. 4th Street.
Phone: (718) 851-5299

Ron Lopez


KARMABrooklyn said...

Great post, Ron! I'm going to link to it on the KARMABrooklyn blog.

I remember how delicious the food at Scarola's was.

Anonymous said...


If I have my navigational bearings correct, and I'm purely going by childhood memories of the mid-50's, 60's and possibly the very early 70's,I think the location of the Sake is where a Chinese restaurant called The Nom Tom Tea Garden used to be.

I have so many good recollections of Church Avenue between Ocean Parkway and McDonald Avenue, the hub of the neighborhood.

I wonder if the Flatbush Jewish Center (corner of E. 5th and Church Ave) still stands? On the opposite side of E. 5th stood Victor's toy store, where after buying our new school year's supplies, a child could ride a mechanical horse for 10 cents and feel like they were Roy Rogers or Dale Evans. Victor's had some competition from Kenny's toy store a couple of blocks away. Kenny's was on the same block as the A&P and across from the A&P was another grocery store called "Fairmart", an old rickety store with wooden squeaky floors and a tin ceiling. Upstairs from Fairmart was yet another Chinese restuarant.

Does anyone recall the candy store (yes a realcandy store where you could order an egg cream, malted or a lime ricky) called "Nick & Lil's" also on the same block as the A&P? They were the nicest couple ever.

I know it is a cliche to say "I wish I could bring back the good olde days", but in fact they really were the good olde days!!