Thursday, September 8, 2011

I always knew this...

Kensington/Boro Park Tops List of Safest Brooklyn Neighborhoods
September 7th, 2011 11:55 pm
In a “Crime & Safety” report issued by DNA/Info and detailed in AM/NY, Kensington/Boro Park ranks at the top of its list of the 5 safest Brooklyn neighborhoods and is considered the third safest neighborhood in the entire city.


5 safest neighborhoods
1. Kensington and Borough Park
2. Bensonhurst
3. Sheepshead Bay
4. Bay Ridge
5. Windsor Terrace

5 least safe neighborhoods
1. Brownsville
2. Fort Greene and Clinton Hill
3. Bedford-Stuyvesant
4. Brooklyn Heights
5. East New York


Elliot James said...

I'm surprised to see Brooklyn Heights on the negative list.

Sheepshead Bay--I suppose, although I personally had a bad experience there. I lived there for five years.

Bay Ridge--those folks know how to keep their blocks safe.

Baba O' Riley said...

It's unique to New York City, seeing someone from the past on a Subway Car, someone that you were once close to, that you no longer have any contact with. Some brief eye contact, maybe a smile, and they gone, never to be seen again except for that brief encounter.