Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rev (R.I.P)

East 4th will never be the same anymore,
the Rev died this morning.

I have known the Rev for all of my 54 years here on Earth and in Brooklyn. His loud booming voice was a trademark for our block along with his laughing. The Rev knew my whole family, my mom, sister, brother, father, grandfather, grandmother, etc. He used to tell me sometimes that they spoke to him from beyond the grave, especially my mother. He used to tell me that my mom told him to watch over me because she's no longer here and needed him to do so. And although I don't really believe in much, I always believed the Rev somehow. Because "I can speak to the dead you know, because I am a Profit sent here by God". Yeah, the Rev just had that kind of power, the power to make you believe in something.

"Hey Ron, you know you got to take me with you to the mountains one day, I want to see the mountains and your house in the country" Well, I never got to take the Rev up to Delaware County and I'm feeling bad about that now.

One time back in the 90's the Rev drove with Bob Brennan, Tommy Brennan and I to Kennedy airport to see us off on a trip to Spain. He was hooting and hollering in the car the whole trip and made me totally forget about my fear of flying.

"Hey Baby"

"Hey, what's going on Man?"

"Good morning to you beautiful"

"Ahhh, haaaa, haaaa, Woooooooo!"

"You know I'm a Profit sent here by God"

"You've got a dollar, I've got a dollar"

"You're FUNNY Boy"

From giving away food that the Rev had in his trunk to just being out there polishing his car, you knew everything was always all right when the Rev was there. He kept and eye on you and he kept an eye on your house when you were gone. Yeah, thats some Rev action going on and you knew it.

You know back in the 70's the Rev used to come out of the Margaret Court dressed in a long white fur coat, big old white hat with the two most beautiful black women holding each of his arms. He'd walk with them to his big white Caddie and they'd be on their way. Oh, I know what you're thinking, but no one ever really knew and no one ever asked either.

"Hey Ron, you know you and I got to take this show on the road and go preaching together. I got a white suit for you and a hat you could wear. We'll visit prisons and churches all over the country and preach together"

Well, it all sounded good but with two kids, a full time job and a wife it may be a little difficult.

"Hey Rev, you got to wait till I retire in five years or so, then we'll do it!"

I really thought the Rev was going to be around a lot longer, from one day driving his car to the next morning having a massive stroke. It just all seemed to happen too quickly for me. You see the Rev was supposed to live till 100 and still be polishing his car out there right now. There was a trip to the mountains for us, there were trips to the Hollywood car wash together like before. There was supposed to be more hanging out on my stoop together, no the Rev was supposed to be here on East Fourth much longer than this. This just isn't right.

After the Rev had his stroke I went to visit him a few times in the hospital. While his body seemed strong his mind was not all there. He really didn't know who I was although he could stand straight up and still preach the word of God just like always.

I remember giving him a great big hug before I left and kissing him on his cheek.

"You know I'm a Profit, and God speaks through me"

No matter how much I never believed anything else,
I always believed the Rev.

And I'm glad I did.

Ron Lopez


Alaina said...

This makes me so sad. "God is good baby!" I think about him everytime I leave the house and everytime I return home. "Pray for me, I'm praying for you."

I think about him every time I parallel park the car, "Got to turn your wheels straight baby!"

And what will we do without our very own neighborhood watch, "He's on drugs baby."

He will be missed. He truly cared about all of us on East 4th street.

unklemunki said...

I am very sad to hear the news. We will miss him very much. I always looked forward to his boisterous and warm greetings whenever we turned the corner on our way home.

Becky said...

So sorry to hear about the passing of your friend, The Rev of E. 4th St. Although I never met the man, I feel I knew him through your wonderful stories about him. Thank you sharing your memories of a true Kensington personality.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I would pass him every morning on the way to work and occasionally as well on the way home. He never failed to greet us with a big smile. We chatted about his car, and sometimes he would give us something to take home - like candy or a cake.

I only realized he was gone when I didn't see his car, and then of course the "For Rent" sign went up on the window of his apartment.

He will be missed. We always thought he would be here for a long time.

Thanks Ron for being a friend to him and visiting him in the hospital. And thank you for letting us know about his passing.

Unknown said...

Greetings from Denver.
Bummed to hear the news.. He always had a smile and something positive to say!!
Always dressed sharp too.. was always wanting to introduce me to the other
musicians in the vicinity (quite a few!)..
Rest in peace Brother,

Anonymous said...

I haven't read your blog in quite some time. I am saddened to hear of the loss of the Rev. As a kid,I really didn't know what to make of him but from what you have written he must have been a good man. I guess time doesn't stop for anyone and as it moves on so do we. The best that we can do is to be good to each other and try to help each other. Again, I am sorry for the loss of the Rev. as it's really a loss to all of us.
Rich C. from the apt. over Eagle Pharmacy

Rachel said...

Hi Ron, We have a couple of things in common. I grew up in Kensington and am a blogger too.

Although I only remember the Rev from seeing him in his white clothing when I walked down the street.... I knew who he was. So sad to see someone that special go.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I didn't know you knew the reverend so well, since you were a kid. God bless, he's in a better place, and still watching over you. Hope you're well. Thinking of you, Gil, Gene and Max

William said...

Ron, Im not sure why I logged onto this blog tonight. I havent been here in a couple of years and Im very sad to see the rev has passed. Let me tell you a quick story.
I lived at 400 east 4th and would see the rev everyday. Back then I was flying these little wood planes you could buy on Church Ave. One day I broke my plane and walked over to his appartment to ask for a buck or two to buy a new one. He didnt hesitate. I thanked him and was on my way. It wasnt until I grew up that I was ashamed of asking for money. My mother would have killed me.
Two years ago I took a trip to Brooklyn to visit Nixzmary Browns grave. On the way back I stopped at East 4th and who was outside? The rev was there and he remembered me. I was now forty years old. I finally got to tell him I was sorry for asking for money and told him I never forgot him. He had such a big smile on his face. Im sad to see he passed.

Bill Farley 400 East 4th