Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Kensington Past in Photos

My cousin Denise in middle playing with her friends
on our front porch. Note the milk boxes on the porch
in the lower right, yes in the 60's we had our milk
delivered by the "milk man".
And yes, I look like my parents.

In in backyard of 399 East 4th with my cousin Pete.
Pete on left, me on the right.
Pete barely escaped Tower 2 on September 11.

My Grandmother Isabel Lopez (Late 1950's)
Note that the apartment building on Beverley Road
between East 4th and 5th was not built yet.

East 4th street scene (1968)

Ave F Roller Hockey 1970's. We were playing a challenge game against the 70th pct. Kings. They were older than us and whipped
my team (Ryan's Northstars) 7-1. Ryans Bar is now Shananigins.
Most of the (Kings) were from Windsor Terrace.
I am the goalie looking the wrong way!

A Kensington Christmas (1961) My brother Joseph on left,
me on right. Joseph died in 1969 at the age of 13.

My Mom and I, Jimmy Brier (NYPD ret.) , cousin Pete (Lawyer), and Timmy Slesarchek (MTA), who still lives on East 5th. (1980)

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