Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chrysler to file for bankruptcy

"Some lenders refuse offer to reduce debt, leading to Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. But Chrysler will remain in business and complete deal with Fiat."


When Chrysler built this four hundred horsepower rattle-trap back in 1970, Fiat was building cars with lawn motor engines. Hey, didn't Chrysler go bankrupt before?, and then was saved by Jimmy Carter, the K-Car, the first mini-van and Lee Eyeo Coconut? You know this is all turning into a bad dream again, because I would hate to see them bring back the K-Car.

Oh well, at least I still have my Cudas to foul the Kensington air, and bring back memories of the 70's, minus Jimmy Carter the K-Car and Saturday Night Fever.

Ron Lopez

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William said...

I think they'll straighten it out over the next year, theres too much money to be made when the economy bounces back, and look at these imports we used to laugh at, their laughing now, Fiat used to stand for Fix It Again Tony, and what about those Toy-Otas. I tell ya 1970 to 1975, best music ever made, just pick a group or artist, Rock or R&B, and they were on top of their shit, Iknow that was totaly random but you brought up the seventies, Will