Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Skating Through Time

You know working for the same company for almost 26 years has been more than a wonderful experience. I gained life long friends, learned more graphic programs than you could shake a stick at. And seen the “commercial art” industry change from rubber cement, exacto knives and magic markers, to Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

I’ve also learned that dating people you work with is a very bad idea, because chances are after the “relationship” is over you’re still going to have to work together just like before it all started. Gee, how come they never told us that in college?

But besides all of life’s lessons, working for the same company in practically the same neighborhood for almost 26 years has offered me the chance to take advantage of some of the surroundings.

And one of those “surroundings” has always been Central Park and the giant five-mile loop. You see for almost twenty years now I have been skating the giant loop at lunchtime three to five times a week.

Now, the nice thing about skating in Central Park at lunchtime during the week is that it’s not very crowded. I mean you do get all the school kids and tourists, but it’s nothing compared to the weekends. Oh and if you’re into “celebrity watching” the park is great during the week, because they are either walking their dogs or jogging without anyone hounding them for an autograph or a picture on their cell-phone.

Hell, who did I see today, oh, Kevin Bacon. You know he’s actually pretty tall for a move star. I mean he’s no “six three” Ron Lopez, but the kid’s pretty tall.

I also get to see my wife’s favorite, Howard Stern almost every day jogging with a couple of body guards and looking ever so funny with a headband from the 70’s.

Oh, but I’ll never forget the time I almost mowed down Alec Baldwin on the West side, he’s another pretty big dude that could have sent me flying.

And there have been hundreds more over the years, from Jim Jenson of the Channel 2 news to Salomon Rushdie (The Satanic Verses) author, all just minding their own business while I gently skated by. Never once asking them for an autograph or a picture on my cell-phone. Because when you're in Central Park, you're there for a reason, and that's to get away from the streets that surround it including the people.

Yes, we native New Yorkers know that,
so just enjoy your stroll in the park.

Ron Lopez

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