Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our 55 MPG Prius

You know I would have never thought I would have liked this car.
But after my wife convinced me that we should downsize from the Nissan Quest and it's 12.5 mpg in Brooklyn and 93,000 miles, I gave in. Yes, it is smaller than our van, and you have to think twice about what your taking upstate. But on the other side it really does get well over 50 miles per gallon, no kidding. So far this weekend we saved over 40 bucks on gas that we would have spent with the Quest driving around in the Catskills.

430 miles and 23 dollars on gas @ 3 dollars a gallon.

Sometimes you have to listen, and yes I did.

Ron Lopez


Josh said...

We have a 2009 Prius and love it too!
So far, no problems with any of the recall issues

Pete said...

Now you are sounding wimpy...take off your skirt and fire up that 'cuda!

Elliot James said...

My co-worker has a Prius and says the battery is more than $3,000.

Pete said...

If what Elliot saya is true, don't leave it parked on the street...even your driveway may not be safe. And you thought only the Honda Fit's tires and those blinding headlights were the only attractive things for thieves...