Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some IHM Pictures from Mike Murphy

Thanks Mike!



Pete said...

Ron -

Did you notice that Eileen O'Callaghan, Inky, and Billy Schnaars' sister were all in this grade?

Chris B said...

Came across this website by accident but what a find- I couldn't stop reading- the memories came rushing back- and to my amazement and maybe horror there right in front of my eyes is my Eighth grade IHM graduation picture thanks(?) to Mike Murphy who not only graduated with me, but lived on the next block. I grew up on Kermit Place, off of Coney Island Ave. Even though he lived on Kermit Pl ,too, the block is split by East 8th Street. We called his block the "Other Kermit" to id who lived where. Your IHM horror stories cracked me up but think of it this way- you religious instruction kids put up with these crazy nuns for a few hours a week- we were stuck with them 5 days a week , 7 hours a day, and then 1 more hour at 9 oclock mass when you had to sit with your class and one of the nuns stood guard over you to make sure you behaved- if were caught laughing or talking - or God forbid the biggest sin or all- Gum in the Mouth-bad enough in school but in MASS? you better have your will made out because you were dead. You'd get yanked out of the pew, dragged into the vestibule , face slapped or hair pulled and of course read the riot act of how Jesus suffered and died for us and you can't sit still and be respectful for just one hour, blah blah, blah...You'd then be escorted back to the pew and have to sit next to Sister for the rest of the Mass! That was the worst part- for me, anyway.
Thank you for this great blog- I will definitly let my friends in on this - they'll get as much of a kick out of reading this as I did.
Oh yeah, in the grad pic I'm in the top photo, top line first one on the left.