Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Comment from Peter...

The other day I had a craving for something sweet. What I wanted wasn’t quite ice cream, not quite ices… but something in between. The something I was thinking of was from my childhood. I think it was called a “Wonder Bar”. A cylindrical frozen mix on a stick, of strawberry and banana flavored deliciousness that was somewhere between the consistency of ice cream and ices, encrusted in a thick hard shell of chocolate. You could only get one from Morris, The Ice Cream Man. I thought I would Google “Wonder Bar” and see what I got. Instead, I decided to Google “Morris, The Ice Cream Man”. I didn’t find a Wonder Bar, but I did find your blog, a big smile and great memories.

From Morris’ size and elegance, to the whiteness of his uniform, to the sound of the truck’s bells, and of course, his never ending kindness… Your description was perfect! It’s a beautifully written tribute to someone that truly deserved it.
Thanks so much for posting it.

I look forward to going through the entire site and reading all the stories and details. I did a quick scan of some posts from the past year and found several gems, including:

Your kindergarten photo in Mrs. Steinig’s class. I was in her class two years before you. I was glad to see that you carried on the tradition of the clip-on bow tie. I wore them too. Few understood the integrity and fashion sense one needed to carry those off well!

In that same post, there was a reply comment, mentioning “Hippo Hauptman”. It made me laugh out loud. To understand that name, is to understand true childhood terror. On the last day of school we’d hang around to see who had her as a teacher the following year. That information killed the summer for so many.

…and the aroma of horseradish in the park next to the old “Golds” factory” on Avenue F and McDonald Avenue.

PS- I grew up on East 3rd, between Avenue F and Ditmas Avenue.

Again… Many thanks.
I’m sure I’ll have comments to add in the future.

Be well.

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Anonymous said...

Do we know what happened to Morris?It would be so nice if we could contact his family and let them know how many people loved and remembered him. Yes he was extremely kind, patient and definitely KID FRIENDLY.