Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some comments from Eileen Wilson

Eileen, great to hear from you!
You do not know how important your Dad was to me and the rest of the guys that used to hang out on your front stoop. It was like our world came to an end when he died. We were also heart broken when your little brother passed away as well, and I know that was what maybe hurt your Dad the most as well.

Thank you,
Ronnie Lopez

"I was sitting in my yard about 9:00 Sunday morning, with my husband, and we started talking about KISS. I started telling him a story,from my childhood about a town called MountainDale, somewhere upstate, that we used to go with my "Uncle Freddie" and his buddies. Someone knew someone in KISS and they came to Mountaindale, hung out and performed for everyone. So, of course, I said "I wonder if I could find him" My husband, being the "seize the moment" type of guy grabs my new incredible ipad and starts searching......and comes across your blog. His eyes light up and he says "O my God muffin (yes,he calls me muffin) you are not going to believe what I just found". He had to read me all your blog posts because I was crying and all chocked up. Talking about my father, Bobby Wilson, like you did was a beautiful reminder of some of the happy moments of my childhood as well as the sad. I am amazed at your ability to pull these memories from your head with such accuracy and amazing detail. You have reminded me of things My "burnt and overloaded" mind have forgotten. Thank you so much for these moments you have given me today...I will be looking for more.
Eileen Wilson

Wow! Stella! My mom always took me to the attic apartment with a bag of clothes in hand for your mom to fix. She would sit and talk to her while she worked on the sewing machine and I would play with Isabel...who had quite the crush on my dad .....she would ride her 3 wheel bike down the block and from across the street she would yell "BOBBY" as she passed our house! What great memories I have! Eileen Wilson

I'm laughing my ass off!! I'm crying! You and Ron Lopez have made my day! Maybe my year! I was the little girl staring out my window..watching all this go on...in love with all the boys....the "older boys". Rose was my babysitter. Such great memories! Thank you. Keep em' coming! Eileen Wilson

Thanks Eileen,

Ronnie Lopez


Eileen Wilson Marrow said...

It is so incredible to hear that my dad made such an impact in everyones lives. I remember "the guys",as I called them, sitting on the steps like it was yesterday. I have told these stories to my children (I have 6) and my husband many times. It was sooo amazing to have them read about them from someone else's perspective...and for them to also know that i wasn't exaggerating about how crazy he was! My teenage boys especially loved the story about the fireworks! I am also thrilled to know that Uncle Freddie was loved and remembered as well. I miss the innocence of those days. I can't wait to share this with my brother Richie. From now on, when I think back or tell stories, I will have a special fondness and connection with all you "guys" because I now realize what we all share. Reading your blog also made me think back and realize how many people from E4th have made an impact on my life. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate and remember all these wonderful people and experiences. ;)

Ron Lopez said...


On July 31st 2010 we will be holding our second annual East Fourth Reunion. Freddie in fact came last year, I hope you looked in the blog and found the pictures from last June of 2009. It would be nice if you could come as well as Richie. Did you see how old we look now?

Ronnie Lopez

frankie martines said...

i was in bobbys class in IHM, remember the hollow feeling after he was gone.I also remember the parade of tow trucks full of flowers following your dad on his way to rest with his son bobby down fort hamilton pkwy.