Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Comment on a story about my cousin Frank...

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I grew up along with Frank in Queens Village, NY. We became close friends early on in High School. It was Frank, Tom Bura and myself riding on the rear seat of the old Jamaica” A” bus in the wee hours of the morning as we started our daily commute to Middle Village. Frank could always make you laugh and never had a bad word about anyone. I have many found memories of our wild bus rides to and from High School.

On weekends we would hang out on the street corner and Frank was there when my future and present wife shared our first bottle of rum. Frank was the rebel of the crowd and loved the Rolling Stones when everyone liked the Beatles, he would like to dress wild just to shock people. God he could make you laugh.

He was quite the musician and could really play the piano, although all he wanted to play was his guitar like Keith Richards and Bill Wyman. He even tried to teach me the drums one week in his basement ‘studio”. Sadly we lost contact as adults and went our separate ways.

A while back I was very disappointed that he was unable to attend a High School reunion as he was truly the only person I cared to reunite with.

As I recall there was a note from him in California saying he was doing well and working in the wine business.

Well we all got a laugh, because as youths we always imagined Frank as music writer-producer or doing something in the pharmaceutical industry.

I see this great picture of him on this site and am amazed that he still had the same great smile. I’m very glad to hear he was so successful personally and professionally in California.

Although our time was short, Frank was a very positive force in my life and I will always regret never taking the time to reach out and reunite.

May God bless him, and his family.

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