Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Last East 4th Reunion

It's been a while since our last mini-reunion. This picture was taken in August of 2001, just a few weeks before my cousin Pete (on the right) had to dodge falling jet parts as he ran out of the WTC on 9/11.
I guess time never stops for anyone, including all of us. The picture on top was taken sometime in 1976 in my Mom's top floor apartment at 399 East 4th. The picture below was taken at my cousin Pete's house up in Goshen, New York. Thats me on the left, still living on the block, Bobby Brennan, on Wantagh, Long Island. Nunzio Competiello living near Newburgh, New York, and Pete in Goshen, New York.

I guess it's true, about 75% of the block and Kensington, Brooklyn
left a long time ago.

Ron Lopez
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