Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rust Never Sleeps in the Catskills

I really love these old Plymouth Barracudas you know.
I even spent a very good part of my younger years here in Kensington restoring a couple of them in my garage. One of my earlier stories (Building Warriors in Kensington Brooklyn) is about the restoration of a few of these old Plymouths.

And when we go upstate to the Catskills, I am always on the lookout for these old beauties. But unlike when I was single, neither the time nor the money exists anymore for such projects. Yes, as my mom used to say, "Once you get married, it's no more, "Good Time Charlie". Yeah, she was right, the only way I can take these cars home now, is on the flash card of a digital camera. And besides, the EPA would have me in jail in 2008. I hear that painting a car in your driveway is now considered a "crime" rather than a hobby.

Oh well, at least it kept me away from drugs.

So here are some pictures of an old Plymouth Barracuda that must have been in the woods a little too long. I found this car up in Grand Gorge, New York. Personally I think it is rusted way beyond repair.

But who knows, just find a "Good Time Charlie" with a lot of time on his hands and extra money in his pocket, and you may just have another old "Warrior" on the road again!

Ron Lopez
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