Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kensington, WT, Park Slope true or false

While UFT President Albert Shanker lived on East Fourth in Kensington, he had a young woman living in his illegal basement apartment. Her name was Randy Weingarten and apparently she learned a lot from Shanker. And this was all due to the fact that there was terrible soundproofing between the floors and Shanker yelled a lot at Mayor Lindsey while speaking on the phone.
True or False

Long before the Pavilion was a multiplex, it was a single screen theater known as the Sanders. And I remember going there one Friday night back in the mid-70’s to see “Death Wish” starring Charles Bronson with the guys from my block. As the audience cheered and yelled Bronson on, there was one guy in particular
that I just couldn’t forget. He was sitting in the front row and kept jumping up from his seat screaming the words: “Kill the mother fuckers” “Kill the mother fuckers”. He had to be escorted out by the police before the movie even ended. And was later identified as
being one of Park Slope’s first “gentrification” residents, who felt
it was still safe to “act out” in public before the rest of the neighborhood became “gentrified.”
True or False

Long before there were Hybrid cars in Park Slope and Kensington. There were electric trucks in Windsor Terrace. And I know this is true because my grandfather used to work at the “Pilgrim Laundry” up on Prospect Avenue. He worked nights and had to re-charge and maintain their batteries before the morning deliveries. But what makes this story even stranger is the dog that lived in the garage. He only used to urinate on the tires of American cars, and was simply known as “Prius” the hybrid dog.
True or False

The Dutch only named Church Avenue “Church” Avenue because “Deal 99 Cent Store” Avenue was cost prohibitive and would have blown their “silk screening” and metal sign budget.
True or False

Before I got re-married at 40, I actually had a long term relationship in the 80’s with a woman who lived in Park Slope”. And although the relationship didn’t work out, I at least was able to find parts for my Monte Carlo in Prospect Park while waiting for her everyday.
True or False

The “Atlantic Yards” project was originally supposed to be built on Church Avenue in Kensington. But our strong “nail salon” and “fruit store” coalition quickly pushed Bruce Ratner far away into Prospect Heights, where there aren't any good fruit stores or nail salons anyway.
True or False

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