Friday, August 8, 2008

More top ten reasons why living in Kensington is better than living in Park Slope

10. Those extra three stops on the F-Train give you more time to write stupid things on your blog.

9. No one’s ever asking me if they can use my address, so they can send their kid to PS 179.

8. No matter how much money I owe, or how bad things get, I can simply stick my head out my side window and feel better again looking at my seven-car driveway. How big is that space between those fancy Brownstones? an inch? Hard to park the car there isn’t it?

7. Kensington is closer to the Prospect Park Lake, which makes replacing the real ducks with plastic ones easier.

6. Because we don't have to live right next door to that stupid Atlantic Yards project. Yeah, those “Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn” people were right, that’s going to suck big time. I’ll tell Bruce Ratner he can’t park in my driveway anymore, what was I thinking anyway?

5. There aren’t any local bars like Kensington’s Denny’s in Park Slope. A place where you can still relax and have a drink with a PS 179 classmate while comparing GPS’s that you just stole from all those cars on 3rd street in Park Slope.

4. Like Avis, we just learn to “try harder”, and learn to be happy living with less. Even if it means convincing yourself that Golden Farms is better than having a Barnes and Noble.

3. When a contractor does lousy work on your house and won’t refund you your money in Kensington, all we have to do is walk next door to slash his tires. While in Park Slope you have to get in your car and drive all the way down here, not to mention loose your parking spot all at the same time.

2. If you’re a Kensington native like me, you can still run into an old friend or classmate on Church Avenue. Usually pushing a shopping cart full of scrap metal or carrying a big bag full of cans. And no matter how dirty we both look, we can still talk about our first day at PS 179 and laugh. When was the last time you met a kindergarten classmate in Park Slope? Huh?

1. Because most of the people moving here now ARE from Park Slope. And boy do I love them!

Ron Lopez
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