Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Bank or the Beverly

It seems that the eight foot tall blue 99 cent store
letters are missing from the sign that INSULTS the
grand memory of the Beverly that used to be there
years ago.

Ok, so I hear a bank is moving into the old spot
where we used to spend a Saturday night back in
the 70's.

Well, even if it's so, there's still no way a bank
can ever replace the memories that the Beverly
gave me and many others who grew up here.

The egg stained screen, the matrons throwing
us out, the balcony where teenagers used to
make out with their dates.

No, nothing can compare to the Beverly,

Ron Lopez
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Anonymous said...

Wow an Ebinger storefront, I could go for a Brooklyn Double Chocolate cake right now...

Anonymous said...

Loved Ebingers those orthellos!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron,

If you look a few buildings down, where the 99¢ store is moving, you will see said numbers hanging on the front of the building! Even blocking someone's apt. window a bit! Klassy...


Elliot James said...

I spent many an afternoon at the Bev. After my family moved out of Kensington, I still took the F train to the Bev in the early 70s. I watched Duck You Sucker twice there in one day.