Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Winter in the Catskills

It's only 143 miles from Kensington, but winter is already
gripping the Catskills with cold fingers. These are pictures
taken this past week up at our house in Downsville, New York.

Because we're 2000 feet above sea level, we got over a foot
of snow, while the folks in town only got about 4 inches.

Oh well, so much for summer and picking blackberries!

Ron Lopez


Will said...

Hello Ron, I am enjoying your writing so much about the neiborhood I grew up in. You have jogged my memories like a jackhammer. I grew up on E8th st., between Church and Caton, went to P.S. 130, class of 75, when that sick bastard Sean Gorman climbed the chimney. I knew him well and yes he did have a spider monkey and his parents drove an AMC Pacer.You mention alot of people I knew like Tweety and Jimmy Quinnlin from E7th st. I went to Brooklyn Tech with him or his brother. What about Ricky Gonzales, Dean, the Galvins and that whole crue from church ave. and Turner place, Nic Nack, cant remember the rest their half buried by now. Oh Mr. Fine, what a whack job, I had to sit alone with him at detention, scary shit. Remember Mr. Sisco. Keep up the great work Ill keep blogging ,WILL

Ron Lopez said...

Will, not Willie Ratka?

Also knew some other guys from East 8th.
Mostly roller hockey guys.

Thanks for reading,

Anonymous said...

My name is William Roll, thankyou for responding, youll see me under annanomus cause I am an e-tard, and I cant seem to get an id. up. I grew up on E 8th. between Church and Caton, best years of my life. I can pretty much bet you were in the same grade if not classes with my brother Michael at Ditmas JHS. Gotta pull out that year book.We used to play hockey on steel skates back then, remember your legs would vibrate for six hours after you took em off! but we were hackers, the good players were Peter Pabone Frances Feely, who perished in the WTC., and Joe Masterson, you probably wwent to I.H.M. with them. My mother and brother still live on the block.I think this is such a cool thing I feel like we grew up together, I remember some of the events that you mention, its amazing how we did the same things blocks apart, did you ever go to the bazaars in the IHM yard? what about Burgerramma over where Burger King is today? Keep writing I love what your doing! Will