Friday, October 3, 2008

Please vote for someone smarter than you

This whole “they’re just like me” so I’m going vote for them attitude
scares the living shit out of me you know. But the truth is, a lot of people in this country actually vote for someone because they are “just like them”.

And that my friends really scares me an awful lot.

Because you really want someone running the country or sitting in
the Vice President’s office who’s a hell of a lot smarter than you.
Someone who you may “not” want to have over for dinner, or drive
up to the Catskills with in your car.

No, you want someone who can kick your ass when it comes to
being smart, and someone who may just bore the living crap out of
you when they explain the details of the Wall street “bail-out”.

No, you don’t want someone just like you.
No, you really don’t.

So please my friends the next time you vote,
just be sure you're voting for someone
smarter than you.

And someone who's
"NOT just like me".

Ron Lopez
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Cousin Pete, the independent said...

Unfortunately I don't believe either VP candidate is "smarter than me" and both are wrong on much of which they argued last night. See this article that dsputes most of the "facts" that both candidates spewed....
Bottom line, just be sure to vote because if you do not, then you have no one to blame but if things go further south.

clueuin said...

Thank yoooou!


clueuin said...

Mine's was first.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I couldn't agree more. I saw an interview with the latest Mayor of Wassilla, Alaska who -- like her predecessor -- thinks that her job prepares her to be Vice President. The arrogance of that is amazing. It is the conceit that "just plain folks" with no depth of knowledge (I'm sorry, but scholarship DOES count) or perspective can just dive in and run things is dangerous. We had a guy for 8 years who would be a great pal at a barbecue, and you see where it got us. Let's vote for intelligent this time around.