Thursday, October 23, 2008

Make that boiler run like new

Last weekend I did something that was probably very bad for my health, but very good for my wife’s boiler. I did a “Shop-Vac” to the bottom of the chimney and didn’t wear a filter mask. I must have sucked out about ten pounds of brick chips, pebbles, and whatever the hell was in that pail. The basement air was thick as anything and my nose was chock full of dusk. And yes, I was too busy and too rushed to go to the hardware store down on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene to buy a mask first.

But hell, I never smoked, so what’s a couple of hours worth of thick dust going to do anyway. Well, I did sneeze like the dickens, and had a headache for about a day. Hey, my Mom always used to say “like the dickens”, oh no, it’s happening to me too.

But the bottom line here is your boiler right?
That’s why you went here to read this story anyway.

So this is what you got to do so your boiler runs better and uses less gas or oil. Have the bottom of your chimney where the stack of you boiler goes into cleaned out. Because my wife’s was halfway full when I pulled out the duct from it, which meant her boiler was working harder and was chocking itself.

Also having a blocked chimney can be deadly too, especially if your boiler doesn’t have an automatic cut-off when it senses that the pipe is blocked. Carbon monoxide just backs up and well, you know
the rest.

Now I don’t do this for a living,
but please look to have it done by someone.
Because a boiler needs a wide-open chimney
to breath better, run better,
and even not kill you by mistake.

Ron Lopez
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