Monday, June 8, 2009

1st Annual East Fourth Reunion (June 6, 2009)

So there they came from near and far,
from lush lawns of green to old streets of tar.

Now, who’s that parking and smiling my way?
With a familiar old face and locks that are grey?

You see the head, hair and body all change as we
grow, but the eyes never do, it’s still the same show.

There was Pete, Pat and both the Savino’s
hot pizza, cold beer and bottles of vino.

Paul McNally drove in a bike made of metal,
to hugs and handshakes and no scores to settle.

And Freddie, our leader came here on a bus,
from the land of Staten Island, where parking’s
no fuss.

Oh, and Bobby and Timmy, so familiar to me,
still look both the same on this day I see.

From Florida, New York, Denise, Chris, and
Christian. Telling stories of the block to all
that would listen.

And good Ol’ Mrs. O, and the family of “Clover”.
Just make this day last and never be over.

There was Peter, Nunzio, and Jimmy Brier.
Young Frankie shooting pucks getting lost
under tires.

And Anne, Joe and an older Glenn Gruder.
jokes of Lic-0-rice, B-Klien and a net for
a scooter.

Bob Brennan, the Rev, and healing a knee.
My friends, my family all closest to me.

Oh, Neil oh Neil, you brought such a treasure.
Lost pictures of hockey, a three-decade pleasure.
Frozen in time, made from Mark’s old slides.
We stared, and we ogled, with old eyes so wide.

For it is so true, that friends make our worth.
Because today we were all, the richest on earth.

Ron Lopez

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