Monday, June 1, 2009

Chrysler a subsidiary of Fiat? GM Bankrupt??

So there we fall, the once proud American automobile industry is now dead. No, don't try to sell me any kind of bullshit about how this is all "actually better", because we SUCK. How could this country get to the point where the once mighty Chrysler Corporation is now a "subsidiary" of FIAT and GM bankrupt?

And to make matters worse we're basically China's "hoe". Because if it wasn't for China right now we'd all be living in cardboard boxes in Prospect Park. Yes, China OWNS us folks, and don't believe anything else you hear. They are the ones giving us all the money we need to stay alive, not anyone else.

Sorry, I'm just not feeling that good today about this place we live in.

Ron Lopez


Pete said...

To make you feel even worse, I am all for the new administration to try and get us out of this mess but I have to really start questioning their thinking when Obama puts a 31 year old grad student in charge of fixing GM...I mean, come on...he can be the next Einstein for all I know, but at 31 he can hardly know how to tie his shoes, let alone "fix" GM. We are in for a rough ride boys and girls...see

Anonymous said...

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