Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Culver Shuttle link (Thanks Mark B.)

The shuttle ran until May 11th, 1975 and was replaced with free transfers to the B-35 bus that ran along 39th Street. The structure between Ditmas Ave. and 9th Avenue was torn down in the late 1980's and the free transfer to the B-35 bus was eliminated in the early '90s. (However, the MetroCard fare collection system once again offers a free bus transfer.) The back of the southbound Ditmas Ave. canopy was "filled in" with the MTA-standard corrugated steel windscreen wall and only a glimpse of the fourth track structure is visible from the front, rear, or below the station remains.
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Thanks to Mark B. for the link

Ron Lopez


Spinner said...

Don't you remember heading towards thirteenth avenue along Church you would see the older guys playing bocce ball in the trolley tracks underneath the Culver Shuttle elevated?

Josh said...

I used to live on Dahill Rd. and 15th Ave. before moving to E. 3rd St. and remember the Culver and the guys playing bocci under the el too!
Great pictures and memories!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks -- and Josh, let me know WHERE you lived on Dahill and 15th, because I lived on 15th, between 36th and 37th.

From 1963 - 1972 or so, my friend Anthony, Bobby, Sal, Joey, Louis, George all played softball on 37th St. parallel to the tracks next to the factory that is pictured in the first three photos of the Culver Shuttle. I am the only one of us to hit a ball all the way to the roof of that building . . . and I did it twice.

Actually, the tracks under the el on 37th St. used to be an actual RAILROAD until 1915 or so, when the El came in. There was an actual platform and station on 15th Ave. and 37th Street.


Anonymous said...

the MTA should never have torn this down in 1975. better to have rehabilitated this, and torn down the franklin shuttle.