Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Memorial Mass and Fund Raiser

Anthony Incarbone was one of my friends I played
hockey with down at Avenue F. He was a goaltender
like me, and also a native from the neighborhood.
I think “Inky” as we used to call him grew up
somewhere on East Fourth near IHM.
So actually he was a Windsor Terrace guy.

Now many of the guys I played hockey with
became New York City firemen, including Inky.
He used to work at ladder 113 in Brooklyn, and
also worked for months down at the WTC after 9/11.

Inky passed away this past January of 2009, and
left behind family and friends that miss him dearly.

Now some of the boys are holding a fund raiser
and mass for our old friend and here are the details:

May 16, Immaculate Heart of
Mary Church at 11 am (memorial service)

Fund Raiser for Anthony’s
family following the mass on May 16
from 2-7 pm at:

Bishop Ford High School
500 Nineteenth Street at PPW
Brooklyn, NY
718 360 2510

A 20 dollar donation at the door.
Music, sandwiches, salads, beer, soda.
There's also a raffle too
if you are interested.

So please help support the family
of a great guy and a true hero of Brooklyn.
Because Inky died of lung cancer after
helping out down at the WTC site, and
we are all proud to have known him and
call him our friend.

Some old pictures of Inky down at Avenue F playing goalie.
(thanks Mark and Neil)

Ron Lopez


Anonymous said...

Ron, Thanks for putting these old Ave F shots up. It was actually Inky who asked about my old slides at the Fred Allen Memorial game that got Neil and I to digitize a bunch of the old shots. Sorry I can't make the event but I wanted to lend my support in any way I could. Mark O

Randy Reis said...

This is a little late but thanks Mark, and thnks also Ronnie. It was a good time, bittersweet, but Inky would've loved it. Thanks again!!