Monday, May 4, 2009

Why the media likes to scare you

The media likes to scare you because that’s what helps them make money. If the Daily News or the New York Post ran headlines that read “Swine Flu is just Bullshit”, I’m sure neither you nor I would be buying the paper.

Wow, look at all these people that died from it here in the United States. Dropping like flies in the subway, falling off tractors in Kansas, dead before they hit the crops too. Just piles and piles of rotting corpses strewn all over the countryside.

Oh, that’s right, ONE little child died of the Swine Flu here in Texas. And actually the kid was from Mexico and not even a US citizen, just went to Texas for treatment and unfortunately died.

So how many people died here…um, ah, dah…NONE.
But if you’re a schmuck reading the paper it sure seems like millions doesn’t it.

You see “FEAR” sells because happiness is just so fucking boring.
What would the world be like if everything was just so fucking happy?

That’s right, it would be BORING.

So let's all be scared the next time it snows and hope the whole city freezes over. Just hundred foot snow banks with the bodies of old ladies frozen to their shopping carts buried deep inside. And those white trash guys standing outside of Denny's? Frozen solid in blocks of ice!, lookin like some freaking cavemen in Kensington. Oh, but wait a second, I think that really is true or at least they looked like frozen cavemen today when I was going to work. What the hell? I think I went to school with all those guys?

Yeah, Yeah, and the next time it rains, let’s hope that a fucking 1000-foot tidal wave destroys Brooklyn and carries the Wonder wheel into Prospect Park. With all the people still inside those little square cages screaming their heads off. Climb to the highest point in Brooklyn and hold on for dear life, because here comes the wave right up McDonald Avenue with all the guys from Denny's swimming in it and holding on to their bottles of Miller.

Destruction! Death!
We're all going to Die!!!!!

Yeah and the Daily News and New York Post
want you to buy their papers and “read all about it”.

Because that's what sells!

And you know what I say: Fuck them!
Read my blog instead.
Because I never bullshit you,
I don’t make a dime doing this.

Ron Lopez


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William said...

Yes, the Post is definitley a fine example of American jounalisim, they even feature it's crossword puzzle in the London Journal lol, but yes these fucking papers and CNN news 'ill have you running from the falling sky, remember the Anthrax panic-demic they caused, I wish I was selling clear plastic and duct tape that month! Will