Thursday, July 16, 2009

AC time has finally come

Well, I think it's pretty darn amazing that we were able to hold out without an air conditioner until July 17. That means that Con Edison will only own half of my soul for the month of July, rather than the whole thing.

And if you're looking for real cold in the summer, the other night at our house in the Catskills it went down to 45 degrees at night time. Now thats what I call cold!

Ron Lopez


Josh said...

Thanks Ronnie, it's 103 degrees in Texas today-ugh!
We couldn't live down here without AC!!! You rarely see any window AC units in Texas as most have central AC systems.

Pete said...

Josh -

How the hell did a nice guy from Brooklyn wind up in Texas of all places? Didn't you head off to college to do something like soil conservation in Oregon or Washington?


Josh said...

Yes, I did go to Oregon (so did Charlie Gili) to study forestry-resource recreation management. I later moved to Washington state (after living in New Hampshire)because my wife at the time, Monica (she lived on Ave C and E.
3rd St.-now my ex-wife) went to graduate school there. We moved down to Texas when she was offered a position as a professor in sociology at the University of Texas at Arlington. After working many jobs as a seasonal park ranger, I went back to school and became a social studies teacher. I've been down here since 1990, got remarried to a great girl in 2004, have a great job, two dogs and a cat and recently bought a new house. Texas is uncomfortable in the summer but it's a really great to place to live!