Friday, July 31, 2009

Pete, Charlie, Josh, time to donate your quads!

Ok, so I thought my cousin Pete's skates were old?
Inline skates in 1910?
National Museum of Roller Skating?

Did someone lace my coffee this morning?
because this can't be real.

I mean I know Pete and I were ready for the
Pan American Games back in 1979. In fact we
were ready to skate there from Kensington, but
using a rubber ball rather than a "Scotch 88"
may have turned us off to the whole thing.

And besides, with no Bill Webster or Fred Allen
there, it just wouldn't be the same.

Hey, do you guys still have those quads?
Because I think mine became part of a
dolly I built to roll my transmission on back
in 1990.

National Museum of Roller Skating:

Ron Lopez


Josh said...

I wish I still had my original Union Clamp-Ons and Chicago hockey boot quads! I remember the first hockey boot quads I bought was from a sporting goods store on Flatbush Ave.-across from Erasmus HS. Does anyone remember the name of that store?

Anonymous said...

Josh & All, I'm thinking the store was Modells, but perhaps not? I remember my dad taking me to Paragons to get my first pair of Chicago quads. Of course, we didn't call 'em quads back then...they were just hockey skates or "Chicagos." I still had mine up until about 2 years ago, so now those skates are in a landfill someplace. I wore them for the last time when we had the Fred Allen game at Avenue F. I'm really pissed I threw them out without taking a few pictures! What classics they were!!
Charlie G

Pete said...

Josh & Charlie - I don't remember a Modells on Flatbush but there could've been. I bought my first quads (I think they were Roller Derby brand) in Triangle Sporting Goods on Flatbush Avenue Extension downtown B'klyn - steel wheels, then some sort of cheap ceramic wheel that fell apart regularly at Ave F....I graduated to Chicago Zephyrs with Kryptos after I left Ave F for Kings Bay and beyond. I still remember going after Bobby O'Berg in one corner at F and twisted my boot so bad that the bottom plate with wheels and trucks rolled off into a corner, and I was left with a wrestling boot - no wheels. I had to hop back to the what a sight! EVERYONE was laughing... even was so goofy looking.

I still have my Chicagos in a box in my basement but they are in really piss-poor shape. I have another pair I bought about 15 years ago with ice hockey boots on them - when Ron and I were still shooring around, every other weekend. "Black Max" brand that were - and I think still are - sold in Wonderland in Bensonhurst.