Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Connie's Cafe (East 5th and Church)

I have been to Connie's Cafe twice already since it opened.
And for all the folks who grew up here, it's where Royal Sporting goods used to be on the corner of East 5th and Church back in the 70's. A real nice "Old School" diner run by a hell of a hard worker being Connie. In fact Connie is a Brooklyn gal herself who grew up right here in Kensington. Yeah, Connie remembers the Beverly, the Liberty diner and the Buzzarama. Only places a native would know with real Brooklyn blood running in their veins.

So let's help support a new business here in
Kensington and grab some food over at Connie's.
Because both the food and the price are right.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Ronnie! I will try to get over there before the week is out. I sure remember Royal. They never had a very good selection of hockey stuff, although I think I did buy my first hockey stick there, a Northland...
Charlie Gili

Anonymous said...

where was Royal Sporting Goods? I don't remember that at all! i was born in '72....was it there before that?

Alaina said...

Great idea, we will check it out this weekend.