Monday, July 13, 2009

Best Places to Live...Up Yours!!

I had to laugh when I read Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” online article on the web. I mean these chumps never even mentioned Kensington, or even Brooklyn. And to make it even funnier all the faces the photo’s were “white”. No, not one Bangladishi, African American or Puerto Rican in the bunch.

Oh and forget a “Hispanic-Polish American” like me,
I’d just be too scary for any photo.

So "UP YOURS" Money Magazine, and I'm never moving
to any of those boring small towns that you say are
better than my beloved Brooklyn.

Ron Lopez


Anonymous said...

Yeah Ron! Screw 'em all! Brooklyn baby! I didn't run when they built "the bridge" and I ain't runn'in now!!
Charlie Gili
(BTW: White American: Part Maltese, Italian, Swedish, German, Irish and who knows what else...pure Brooklyn!)

Anonymous said...

I agree - I grew up on East 10th, between Church & Caton & now live in LaVergne, TN. Very little diversity makes for a boring existence.