Friday, October 16, 2009

Another comment about Drew Thomas...

What a beautiful tribute.
I didn't know Drew back then, but it sounds like some things just never change -- the dynamic kid described was the brother-in-law I met and got to know and care about. The love Drew had for life -- and all the people in it -- was so genuine, so pure, and just being around him made you feel like you were having the best day ever. My husband, Peter, loved Drew like an older brother... and Drew is with him every day. We both miss his light, his presence, his groan-inspiring jokes, his warmth... Drew Thomas was a true rock star, and then some.

You know Dennie since I started this Blog along with the Avenue F hockey blog many of the guys that used to play in the league back then have re-connected with one another. And hearing about Drew's passing has been quite a shock for many the boys that played roller hockey with Drew. He was one of those people you never forget, and we are all blessed to have known him. Drew was also one of those guys that everyone wished they had for a best friend.

In my recent venture of trying to find some of the guys I played roller hockey with years ago, I found my old little black book with many of my friends phone numbers in it. And right there on one of the pages was "Drew Thomas's number along with the blade of a hockey stick I had drawn next to it.

I had a real hard time turning that page,
and I just wanted you to know that.

Ron Lopez


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