Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today is the Day

Today down at Avenue F Park on McDonald between F and 18th we play a little hockey and remember Inky. Old legs, old hands, and repaired knees will try to make little round wheels spin on the court we used to love so much back in a time when we were kids.
Long brown hair is now short and gray, while for others
there will be no hair at all.

But you see it does not matter at all, because the eyes never change. And the eyes of everyone will be 17 years old again today along with our laughter.

Anthony Incarbone would be here today, but because God had other plans for him he will not. I will think about our old friend when I play goalie today, because just like me Inky was a goalie too. And many times in the Brooklyn of old I have looked down the court seeing him looking right back at me. A Black Hawks logo on his red jersey along with a Northland goalie stick in his hand. Yes, a fellow goalie was Inky, and that I never will forget.

Inky used to laugh all the time when we played hockey, and we will keep that tradition alive today. Because I know Inky would never want it any other way.

We will also be making a collection of behalf of Inky's famly today. All proceeds will be sent to his wife down in Florida.

Ron Lopez

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