Friday, October 2, 2009

The Good Cakes of Kensington

At one time they both stood, proud and mighty. Just daring the next to be better, without ever throwing a punch. With clean glass and stainless steel each was an awesome giant, forever protecting their good name and block.

Their weapons were soft and sweet, and known to many throughout Kensington. Come early Sunday at the break of dawn, you could smell their proud aroma along the deserted sidewalks of Church Avenue. Tempting those who were brave enough to wait outside their locked doors until they opened, hoping the pleasure would soon be all theirs to enjoy.

Next to the Beverly stood “Ebingers” and about a block and a half down by East 3rd street stood “N.E. Tells”. These two bakeries had
to be the finest in the land, and they were all ours, right here
in Kensington.

As a kid growing up you’d sometimes argue with your best friends about which one was better. And always hoped to see either one at a Birthday party on the block. Because when it came to great cakes, they were both truly the best. And it really didn’t matter which was was better, because they were both the most wonderful bakeries
in Brooklyn.

Yeah, what a lucky bunch we were, In the days when giants roamed the land, all you’d have to do is walk up to Church Avenue and open their doors.

“Oh yes, how sweet it was”.

Ron Lopez


Josh said...

Just looking at that chocolate cake, I can smell the sweet aroma coming from Ebingers and NE Tells.
Ebingers had the best jelly donuts in the world!

Pete said...

There were a few staples - things we ALAWAYS bought - the blackout cake and a mocha/almond cake from Ebingers, and a walnut raspberry layer cake and all of our birthday cakes from Tells - but Tells also had the best onion pumpernickel, onion rye and these "butter onion" rolls (I bet you can tell I liked onion)....Ebingers closed first although in fairness, they were a small chain and the overall chain had problems. As I recall, Tells was around until the early 80's when I believe some Eastern European group bought them out. I also recall a rumour of a scandal where Mr. Tell (the son of the original owner I believe) started fooling around with one of his workers and his wife left him at around the time he sold...not too hard to guess the affair/split up had something to do with the sale of Tells.

Mark B. said...

NE Tell's?
Simply the best black and white cookies EVER !!

Not too far away was Scotto's on 13th Avenue and there was no better semolina bread and ices in the summer than Scottos'

Anonymous said...

Oh the orthellos! THE BEST.

Ginger said...

How well I remember those bakeries. I used to ride my bike to Ebingers when I was off from school and get crisp rolls and either their delicious chocolate layer or mocha almond. Loved them both. There was also a Hanscom bakery between Ebinger's and Tell's. They had the best Angel Cake. Tell's had some kind of marshmallow covered with chocolate that was shaped like an upside down cone. You can't find anything like that anymore. I really miss Ebinger's the most. I still think about them often.

Rich Demeter said...

Ebingers Butter Cream !! I can remember my mother saying the words as if it were an incantation. I have never found another bakery that reproduced the frosting in the exact same way... deliciously rich and seet... but not too sweet.