Monday, October 19, 2009

Remember the Beverly and the Trolly

Now even I don't remember the trolly. But according to my family my dad once lost his brakes going down the McDonald Avenue hill and broad-sided a trolly right below on Fort Hamilton Parkway. And according to all accounts no one was hurt. Now hows that for a story? But the Beverly, oh yes do I remember the Beverly and the Planet of the Apes marathon without any air conditioning.
Too bad they let it go, huh?

Ron Lopez


Mark B. said...

I remember as a small kid riding the trolley as it dipped below Ocean Parkway on Church Avenue....I might have been 3 when the trolley stopped but that pic reminds me of those great places along Church Avenue...Daitch Dairy (later became a kosher food store with the BEST rotisserie chickens),Scarola's (yes, had a date there with two neighborhood girls as a sixteen year old that evolved into...well...for another time), and of course Ebingers.
A block or two "up" Church on the south side of the street was Leon's...the egg guy. The guy had a shop the size of a closet in which he candled eggs and sold them from large stacks. You could buy half-dozens back then and of course the prized "double yolks". I think on East 2nd I vaguely recall a Lofts candy shop (or maybe it was Barton's or Barricini)...and on East 2nd just off Church was Molly's....a yarn and knitting shop that my Mom spent hours in, often with me as a little kid along for the fun and gossip of the women in the neighborhood.
Love the nostalgia of many of your posts!

Evelyn said...

I don't know why I still dream about this place! The Beverley theater held dish night every Wednesday and my best friend's mom collected them--so she took us to the movies to get more dishes! Those were the best times. I remember the trolley and the fun of going underground at Ocean Parkway and especially Molly's knit shop where I first developed my love for knitting which has lasted all these years!