Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Clock is No More

Remember the clock you would always look at before you ran down the subway steps at Church Avenue?
Or maybe the same clock you'd check before the next show at the Beverly?
Well, after what must seem like centuries for many of us who grew up here, the clock is finally gone. Replaced by an "Astoria Savings" logo which covers the entire face. Now, I'm hoping, and I just say "hoping" that the good people at Astoria sent it to Germany or Switzerland to get it repaired. And maybe one day it will return to it's full glory mounted above the doorway at the old Greater New York Savings Bank that we all
fondly remember.

I'm also hoping that the F-Express returns and they'll tear down the PS 230 Annex and rebuild the Beverly. How about the return of Ebingers and NE Tells? And on top of that they'll bring back the OTB or the Citibank that used to be there. Hey, how about a bunch of Jewish Deli's?, a sporting goods store?, Lee's?, Kenny's, Izzy and Bennies?
And how about a full head of thick brown hair for me?

Yeah, I guess I'm just dreaming, but at least
we still have Dennys, the Buzzarama,
and great memories as well.

Ron Lopez


nguzman said...

Great idea....I'd love that, the clock, the Beverly, the delis. And I wouldn't have to color my hair anymore??? I'm all in for the "RETURN".

Nancy P.
Ocean Parkway

Anonymous said...

I agree about the clock. I miss Ebingers (best cakes) and NE Tells (best rolls). I wish they would make the F train go express since they have the G train going to Bergen St.

Nancy R
East 2nd St

Anonymous said...

wow seeing the clock brought back alot of memeories. checking the clock to m ake sure i didnt miss the train, my dad workrf at dennys, also do you remember the beverly bar.