Monday, January 4, 2010


OK, so I have my own little way of trying to get a handle on our shitty economy. I count how many contractor trucks never leave their driveways in Kensington. I look to see what people are buying at Lowes, and I even check in with my friends and relatives to see if they finally landed a job.

And I have to tell you that after a year of looking for a job my nephew Christian has finally landed a full time gig! And it's actually in the finance industry. Well, it's with a credit union if that's finance. And I know of other people who are also finding work after being out for a year or two. So yes, although they're not moving much sheet rock at Lowes, or pumping gas in those contractor vans, I do know of people who are finding jobs again.

So good luck Christian, and congratulations!
And lets keep this economy moving!

Ron Lopez

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