Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catskill Webcam (6:42 am today)

The connection to the Catskills runs very deep for me, even before I was born we have been going up there. And up until this day I am fortunate enough to walk the same land I did as a child holding my mother's hand. Yes, for my cousin Pete, Denise and I, we still have all our childhood memories right there near Downsville, New York. Over 200 acres of virgin forest land with just two houses on it. Eighteen dollars an acre is what it cost back in the early 50's, not a bad deaI for my grandfather I guess.

And back in 2003 I was fortunate enough to have my own house built not far from my childhood home right over the ridge.

Oh, and technology you have to love it, because last year I installed a Webcam right in our window upstairs. So every day from Kensington Brooklyn I get to see whats going on 150 miles away on the mountain.

So thats the story of the Catskills and the connection to Kensington where I still live. Oh, and buy the way, it's usually 10-15 degrees colder up there than our warm and balmy Kensington.

Ron Lopez

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