Monday, February 1, 2010

The F-Express will return

I may be retired by then, but because the MTA is replacing all the track on the express side from Church Avenue towards the City, I'm sure they have intentions to bring back the F-Express.

They are also replacing all the metal clamps that hold down the track with these weird looking spring loaded things. Now, I'm not an expert on this stuff, but from what I can figure these spring loaded clamps will probably cut down on the vibration of the express train as it travels under houses in Windsor Terrace and Park Slope. Something the MTA mentioned a while back that was holding up the return
of the express train.

Heck, but even if I am retired by then, maybe my kids can use the same express that I did when I used to go to high school in the city.
Or maybe even change the price tags on hockey sticks at Mays in downtown Brooklyn. Hey, wait a second, I don't think Mays is even around anymore, do you?

And any help by you subway buffs on what those spring loaded
"track holder downers" are would really be appreciated.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

Those are called Pandrol e clips. They allow the rail to flex as the train passes over each tie, there is a saddle or plate that goes under the rail that is screwed into the wood or lately concrete ties. They are superior to spikes because after a while the spikes are pulled up by the constant flexing,also these can be removed and reinstalled when rails are changed out. Will