Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey Kid, go play in traffic on Ocean Parkway

"Hey kid, do me a favor and go
play in traffic on Ocean Parkway"

For those who grew up on my block that was a classic line recited over and over to the little kids that used to annoy the living hell out of us on East Fourth.

And not once did one of their parents get mad at us about what we said. Nor did that little kids drive his "Big Wheel" over into the center lane under the glowing green lights of Ocean Parkway.

I guess those same kids annoyed their parents just as well, and they were probably smarter than we thought too.

But hell, we were all like family when we grew up here, so whats the difference anyway.

And today some of those annoying kids are now my best friends.



Evelyn said...

We kids who actually lived on Ocean Parkway would NEVER play in traffic on that street!!! We played stickball on Beverly Road.

Anonymous said...

3 comments Ron: 1) I love your stories, as I'm sure alot of people do, and wish I could comment more. I'm thinking the more comments you get, the more satisfaction for you and motivation to keep it going, and an even better read. I look forward to checking the site every day and hope you keep it up. 2) I noticed from your Feb 3 house picture you still have Christmas decorations up. Cmon now, its time to get 'em down. 3) "And not once did one of their parents get mad at us about what we said." I'm so sick and tired these days of way over-sensitive parents. Any little fart that happens between kids in the neighborhood, the school bus or at school becomes a major problem now. The stuff that happened when I was a kid was at times extreme. And I'm not saying that's good either, but kids dealt with it and worked it out themselves. If you ran to your parents or teacher, you were labeled a 'baby' and basically ostracized and ridiculed endlessly. Most parents today don't understand kids will never learn to deal with life's problems and injustices if they insist on being up their kids asses every second of every day. -Joe A.