Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A comment from Jimmy Spinner

"And on Easy Street, the kids got jobs early on to help pay our own way. We knew name brand sneakers like Converse or Pro-Keds were a stretch for a blue collar pay check so if we wanted something nice...we paid our own way. We shoveled walkways, walked a neighbor's dog and made deliveries for local retailers or mixed an egg cream or two. We got that work ethic from our Moms and Dads.

When we were in college, we continued to work, to help pay for books and maybe a beer or two.

On Easy Street we knew how to have fun too. Roller hockey, stickball, ultimate frisbee, scully, Johnny-on-the-Pony. Games that were a gauntlet, that helped make us the adults we became. No play-dates with hovering parents, you had to make your own way on Easy Street, which wasn't always easy but it was always fun."

Thanks Jimmy!

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