Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catskill and Kensington WebCams 10:22 am today

So far this snow storm is a "bust", but at least I got a free day off from work. The last time Avon closed was something like 1992 when we had a "real" blizzard.

And those mountains you see upstate in Downsville? Well, I remember walking on the old logging road that we have on our property back in April of 2002. The snow was about up to my waist, and I'm six foot three, so thats high.

Oh, but no one ever complains about the snow up there, and you don't see any news trucks and reporters around talking about the end of the world in the form of pretty white snowflakes. No, the mice sleep under our apple tree deep in the ground, and the rest of the animals find places to rest burrowed far inside old hollow logs or small caverns on the side of the mountain.

All while the snow falls gently on the mountains,
and the quiet of it all is sure beautiful.

Ron Lopez

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