Saturday, January 9, 2010

Me and Patty D.

Check out my Kindergarden photo from PS 179, that's Patty D. on my left, and me with the bow tie. And after decades Patty D. and I are still friends. Check out our more recent photo's above.


Patty "D" said...

We were also in 3rd grade to gether With hippo Halpmen ...I got the class photo , ask my sister cathrine ..

Anonymous said...

Was that Ms Croupie? (I think that is how you spell her name)

Anonymous said...

No. That is Mrs. Steineg (Sp). I had her in 1956 or 57.

Ron, did you or anyone ever post anymore class photos? My late mother in law was a teacher in P.S. 179 -- Mrs. Crespi -- and I would love any class photos you or anyone may have of her.

Thank you,