Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Babies in Bars...

I got to tell you, if you were Irish and grew up in Windsor Terrace like many of my friends, seeing a baby in a bar wasn't a big deal at all.
In fact the McKay's who used to live downstairs from me told me countless stories about hanging out in Harold's Bar on Fort Hamilton with the kids in the back playing with blocks. But like everything in life, that was then and this is now. And unlike many of my friends dads who were longshoreman working down in Redhook' (who you'd never question about having their toddler crawling on the sawdust floor at Ulmers). These new "Yuppie" Slopers just don't look the part,
I mean check out the expression on this guy's mug? I don't think he was down at the dock today with his cargo hook you know.

So get these people out of the bars and let the kids drink in peace.
I mean come on people, what's there not to understand here?

But then again, if some old guy with a cargo hook in his hand walks into Two Boots with his grandkid on his shoulders. You'd just better give him his room, and let him drink in peace. And what ever you do, don't touch the kid's blocks on the counter.

Below is the link to the story on CNN


Ron Lopez


Alaina said...

Ruby has been to many a Brooklyn bar, we even had her christening party in one. She usually knows the bartender, so its cool.

keegie said...

i was one of those kids that grew in harolda nad ulmers. my dad worked there and the bevely tavern in th 60's and 70's.