Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bubba's House for Sale

For all of you that grew up here on East Fourth, this house was the long-time home of the Yanonne's. Rose, Jo-Anne, and James, or "Bubba" as we all knew him. It was also the home of Teresa and her family. A very well known home with a lot of rich history. Hey Bubba, got a few extra bucks? Because we'd all love you back on the block!

Ron Lopez


Anonymous said...

I was in that alleyway on the left side, getting a plastic flavored drink from Bubba's hose when I found out that my mom's new baby was a BOY! Wasn't I excited? That was the first house I had Rice-a-Roni in, thought it was awesome! I can still hear the screens on the second floor porch screeching open as Bubba's Mom or sisters got involved in our street games or called him in for dinner.

Pete said...

Didn't Gary Allen (Fred's son) marry Teresa Festa's younger sister? I can't remember her name, but I recall Garry hanging around the house - I even think Louies (Teresa's father) got Gary a job at the oil company at which he worked. Teresa and her sister are Bubba's cousins.