Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prophet Allen: a Living Legend of East Fourth

I have known "Prophet Allen" for just about all my life here on East Fourth. And if my memory serves me right, the "Rev", as all us natives actually know him, moved here sometime in the mid-1960's from
parts unknown.

With a bellowing laugh that could be heard all the way from Church Avenue, "the Prophet" is certainly a living legend of East Fourth, and probably all of Brooklyn as well. Wearing his signature "white" outfits, Prophet Allen can be seen almost every day of the year polishing his automobile of choice to perfection.

And they are usually white as well.

"You know Ron, a clean car means a clean mind"

Yes, I have heard these words mentioned to me many times in the past. And if my mini van is an indicator of how clean my mind is, then I'd probably be doing something very different right now than writing this blog. And I'm sure the "Prophet" would be praying for me right now and cleansing my soul of all its demons.

Yes, Prophet Allen,
A living legend of East Fourth,
and also a good friend of mine.

Long Live the Prophet!

Ron Lopez

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