Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Denny's of Kensington

I think Denny was a Ryan, but not sure.
Can someone let me know.



Anonymous said...

Yes he was..his son Kevin now owns it.


cat said...

The name was listed in the recent Daily News (?) piece on things to do in Kensington. Or was it the Post? And yes I believe it was a Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Yes he was a Ryan and before Dennys he owned Ryans on 7th ave and 9th street He owned the house on McDonald Ave with the windmill onthe corner of Greenwood Ave

dancarrai said...

I think it is still there; Kevin Ryan took it over. I went to IHM with his brother, Michael Ryan. Yes, the house on Greenwood, with the windmill.

Danny Carrai - from 398 E. 5th Street
thanks for the memories