Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kensington's Northern Border is.....?

Yesterday on the KWT site there was a discussion about the borders of Kensington. I always knew it as 18th Avenue South, Coney Island Avenue East, Ft. Hamilton Parkway North, and Dahill Road West. It seems like everyone is ok with Coney Island Avenue, but the rest of the borders are all different depending on who you ask. Any input would be great, especially from some natives.



Anonymous said...

I have lived in Windsor Terrace for my entire life (can't get any more native than that!). The northern border between WT & Kensington was Caton Avenue (although it was always a hot debate).

Anonymous said...

I always thought the west border was 35 street then boro park started the zip code is the same

Anonymous said...

Windsor Terrace has historically been defined as the area between Prospect Park and Green-Wood Cemetery. That definition would conclude that Kensington's northern border is Fort Hamilton Parkway.