Friday, April 9, 2010

The door still sings after all these years.

You know the heavy wooden doors that I have in my house are still the same ones that were here when I was a little kid. And when they slam the doors still make the same exact sound that they did so many years ago. You see they have these large panes of beveled glass that still have some play inside the wooden frame. No I never bothered to put some clear silicone between the glass and wood to quiet them down. And maybe I left the doors alone so they can still make that same exact sound when they slam.

The same sound of a door slamming after almost 53 years, now isn’t that crazy? It’s just so comforting to hear that same sound. The same sound of the door slamming when my brother, father, mother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, aunt and uncle closed that old heavy wooden door.

Oh, and don’t forget my cousin Pete and Denise. You see they were both here a few months ago to see the apartment they both grew up in. And when someone closed the door that leads into our apartment they mentioned to me that they didn’t hear that same sound for many many years.

Yeah, the simple sound of an old wooden door slamming with a heavy piece of beveled glass inside of it rattling away like crazy. Something so simple as that can be so comforting after all these years.

And no, I don’t think I’ll ever squeeze any silicone
between the glass and the frame and ruin that song.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

I grew up on Rugby Road. The house is now into its fourth owner. Not bad for a house that was built before 1900!!

I'm searching for the name of a restaurant that was on Church Avenue near East 16 Street in the 1960's. It had these white curtains an ladies with blue hair would eat there!!! Sort of like Patricia Murphy's. Does anyone know the name of it? Please respond to