Friday, February 6, 2009

American Express Rot in Hell

Hey want to know a company that really sucks?
American Express that’s who. They dropped me down
from a 35,000 credit limit to a 500 credit limit overnight.

And it better not me my last name Lopez, because I
wouldn’t want to sue them. Oh, but then maybe I would.
This six three blue eyed “Hispanic” is thinking that maybe
they have something against my people.

Shhh…I never joined any Hispanic network though, at work or
even in school. My Spanish sucks you know. But my Polish,
hey I can call you a “monkey’s ass” in Polish.
"Malpe Dupa" thats what my mom always called me.

And to make me feel even more paranoid my "Mexican"
wife told me about a story on NPR about how
American Express is "profiling" us Hispanics.

Slashing our credit lines based
on our names and zip codes.

What the hell? Me Hispanic?
I can hardly even speak Spanish?

But still F_ _ k them!
And don't you dare mess with my people.

So today I told them to cancel my card and
threatened to write about this on my blog.

To all my friends out there, cancel your American Express cards!
Boycott these assholes and stick it to them where it hurts.

No not there, I mean their wallets.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

I cut their card in half every time the send it. They're just another huge greedy company in the throws of death, I know you dont need their credit, it comes down to pricipal. It will all come to the surface with enough digging. Will